Grow connects startups with José de Mello Group companies in win-win partnerships

Startups will develop their solutions faster and boost its launch by gaining access to real life market feedback

Creating value by connecting

José de Mello Group is strongly committed to innovation and willing to provide the expertise that your startup needs to Grow

Grow is a transversal initiative to all José de Mello Group companies, specially focused on the Chemicals, Health and Mobility sectors

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Largest Portuguese operator in the chemical industry with proprietary technology and a strong commitment to sustainability


Leaders in the provision of private health care in Portugal with more than 70 years of experience


International reference in the management and operation of highways with a strong level of technological innovation in the mobility area



DefinedCrowd is a Smart Data platform that enables data scientists to collect, refine, and structure training data for AI and ML applications


ProGrow allows organizations to improve production processes in sustainable and continuous ways, by using a platform built around the continuous improvement principles of DADA LOOP


Stratio’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms enable real-time data collection from vehicles, to predict breakdowns, reduce downtime and repair costs using Predictive Intelligence


  • My favourite part of being mentor has been seeing new companies to grow day by day and be conscious about the impact these new solutions will have on society soon

    Zaida Dias
    Zaida Dias José de Mello Saúde
  • Together with the Grow team, we have improved our solution to better support nutritionists that work in Hospitals. Because of this, we are now present in dozens of Hospitals around the world

  • Being a Grow Mentor allowed me to participate in the development of extraordinary companies. It has been great to be challenged and to be close to their evolution throughout the time

    André de Albuquerque
    André de Albuquerque Bondalti
  • Grow allowed me to grow not only in the world of entrepreneurship but also personally. Grow gave me access to regular follow-ups that allowed me to structure our business model, get out of my comfort zone and start looking for feedback on the concept I was developing. Finally, Grow allowed me to implement the idea, which otherwise would have been very complicated