José de Mello Group is one of largest and most diversified corporate groups in Portugal. The Group plays a diversified role in the economy and its competitive position rests on three business platforms: Infrastructures and Mobility (Brisa); Chemical Industry (Bondalty); and Health (CUF). The Group also manages other holdings in the fields of maintenance, senior homecare services (José de Mello Residências e Serviços) and wine production (Monte da Ravasqueira).

At Jose de Mello we are looking for startups with disruptive business ideas establish new partnerships and explore new areas of knowledge. We want to connect with startups that operate at the frontier of significant technological advancements in areas outside the main business sectors where we currently operate.


  • Francisco Gonçalves Pereira
    Francisco Gonçalves Pereira Grow
  • João Mil-Homens
    João Mil-Homens Grow
  • Luís Brito de Goes
    Luís Brito de Goes Grow
  • Teresa Sousa
    Teresa Sousa Grow

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