Since 2017, Grow has partnered with multiple startups, from different sectors and at different development stages

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  • We developed a great partnership with Grow team and their dedication and support are evident in all parts of our project. This collaboration allowed us to demonstrate the benefits of our technology and expand our network. It’s an honor to be part of Grow's innovative projects.

    Joe Fernandes
    Joe Fernandes Buzzstreets
  • We appreciate very much that we could conduct the wear test of our healthcare uniforms with TorTex powered by 37.5 technology fabrics at José de Mello Residências e Serviços facility as part of the EIT Health Bridgehead project. This is not only important to us but also Portugal & EU to show that innovation can occur everywhere in EU. It is great success that we could do the wear test during a pandemic situation

    Tomas Persson
    Tomas Persson HealthTextiles
  • Collaborating with Grow allowed us to expand our network and connect with Brisa, one of the largest companies in Portugal regarding the road industry. This partnership led to the opportunity to implement our training solution within Brisa's infrastructure, providing great visibility to our product

    Hugo Magalhães
    Hugo Magalhães Helppier
  • Grow provided the possibility for Heptasense to work with Brisa to validate our product in a real-world enviroment. These types of collaborations strength the relationship between the two parties, allowing a faster scalability on the market

    Ricardo Santos
    Ricardo Santos Heptasense
  • The Grow initiative is a very fast and dynamic way of getting access to the resources of one of the largest Hospital groups' in Portugal, which turns to be a huge help for startups!

    João Pedro Ribeiro
    João Pedro Ribeiro PeekMed
  • The collaboration with José de Mello and Grow was very positive, having opened doors to new business verticals. The success of this collaboration was in large part due to the professionalism shown by both parties. The knowledge sharing and synergies created allowed an overcome of the state of art and raise of the service quality

    Daniela Braga
    Daniela Braga DefinedCrowd
  • Together with the Grow team, we have improved our solution to better support nutritionists that work in Hospitals. Because of this, we are now present in dozens of Hospitals around the world

    André Santos
    André Santos Nutrium



Agentifai helps contact centers to become autonomous and improves the experience of customers, by using the power of AI to autonomously interact with customers through natural language


APWDrone helps companies to make decisions through drone solutions, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and ensuring the safety of employees and infrastructures


Event Management solution with ID technology, that allows the digital identification of all participants through physical identifiers


BioMimetx is biotech start-up focused in the development of antifouling solutions derived from nature


Biomode develops and commercializes rapid diagnostic kits for the detection of foodborne and clinical pathogens, allowing faster, more accurate and economic testing for both food industry and healthcare


Bios integrates indoor farming systems to recover wasted energy and optimize resources for circular solutions in buildings. Bios delivers clean-technology that facilitates zero carbon buildings with the ultimate aim to transform the future of Green Buildings.


Diagnostics company focused on the development and manufacture of IVD tests at the Point-of-Care with highly innovative proprietary technology, allowing the performance of several blood test modalities on the same instrument


Buzzstreet is a tech startup providing mapping, navigation, and tracking people/equipment in complex indoor structure, helping users navigate their home to a specific location within a building


Cameraleon is a company specializing in Virtual Reality Tours. They use their expertise to create Virtual experiences that will make customers travel anywhere in the world without leaving their home.


Clynx is making physical rehabilitation an enjoyable experience by giving patients game like exercises, available at the clinic and at home


DefinedCrowd is a Smart Data platform that enables data scientists to collect, refine, and structure training data for AI and ML applications


GFoundry is a SaaS B2B product, offering a gamification multiplatform to engage, motivate and involve employees and customers


HealthTextiles creates clothes and uniforms for the health-care sector with anti-bacterial properties, made from a revolutionary material. Their clothes are comfortable, good for the environment and keep professionals protected from bacteria exposure on the job


A spin-off company from University of Porto who focuses on cybersecurity, security technologies, security auditing, performance consulting and data protection laws


Helppier is an online help tool that allows the creation of interactive guides, without programming and easy to update. These guides allow users to have a better online experience, helping them to navigate and perform tasks on a self-service basis.


Heptasense is disrupting the security market by adding a layer of intelligence to surveillance cameras. It is a software platform that performs video analysis to recognize people’s and objects’ behaviors to provide insights and alerts in real-time


Incision gives people access to shared experiences, skills and expertise by providing tools to get a quicker and more thorough preparation for the OR


Mapidea allows companies to leverage their location data with a Location Intelligence software and transform business intelligence reports into real business outcomes


Matereo’s technological solution aims to monitor in real time the behavior of infrastructures, such as bridges and viaducts, and identify anomalies and structural damages


MobiQueue wants to optimize people’s time by allowing users to access the queue of a service, without being physically on the store


Motiontag provides the most advanced transport recognition technology: high-resolution, low battery consumption, and easy API integration.


Nutrium developed a software that allows dietitians and patients to work closely together, by simplifying the tasks of professionals and motivating patients to achieve their goals

Oaken Innovations

Oaken is a blockchain technology company focused on secure IoT applications. Oaken’s ACORNs are created to grow the foundation for smart cities and applications of the future


PeekMed provides 3D orthopedic surgical planning tools, that help orthopedic surgeons to intuitively and freely manipulate the 3D model created through the imaging study of the patient


ProGrow allows organizations to improve production processes in sustainable and continuous ways, by using a platform built around the continuous improvement principles of Data Loop


Stratio’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms enable real-time data collection from vehicles, to predict breakdowns, reduce downtime and repair costs using Predictive Intelligence

Sword Health

Sword Health offers the first AI-powered digital therapist ever with which is building the standard of care for the rehabilitation industry for the next 50 years

The Klinks

Nanotechnology based solution that offers a product that guarantees the elimination of germs and bacteria from different electronic devices

Thiaper Systems

Thiaper Systems develops ProcessHive, a solution to map clinical pathways from event logs, to support identification of better/worse flow alternatives for specific pathologies

Trigger Systems

A platform that allows the remote control of several systems such as irrigation by using exclusive calculation models based on weather forecasts that can achieve more than 40% in water savings


Digital platform for clinical training & analysis to support and empower healthcare teams to provide the best quality care


Vialytics has developed a technological solution based on artificial intelligence that aims to detect and classify anomalies in the road pavement using a smartphone

World Trilogy

World Trilogy developed a disruptive and environmentally friendly approach in the treatment of hospital waste, reducing its costs and the risks of handling, storage and transport

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