Meet our mentors

In the end, it’s all about people

Our Mentors Network includes some of our Top Managers and Experts, who are ready and willing to challenge and support startups in their journey

They can help you across different stages of your startup, connecting you to the right person or simply offering friendly and independent advice


  • Being a Grow Mentor allowed me to participate in the development of extraordinary companies. It has been great to be challenged and to be close to their evolution throughout the time

    André de Albuquerque
    André de Albuquerque Bondalti
  • The experience of mentoring is an opportunity to give back, but also to be engaged in a thriving ecosystem that challenges our own perceptions as managers

    Frederico Lobato de Melo
    Frederico Lobato de Melo Brisa
  • My experience has proven me that mentorship is a win-win situation: it has been a great opportunity to meet great business ideas and extraordinary people with great minds

    Miguel Pacheco
    Miguel Pacheco José de Mello Capital
  • My favourite part of being mentor has been seeing new companies to grow day by day and be conscious about the impact these new solutions will have on society soon

    Zaida Dias
    Zaida Dias CUF

The mentors

  • Ana Almeida Simões
    Ana Almeida Simões Head of Innovation
  • André de Albuquerque
    André de Albuquerque Executive Board Member at Bondalti
  • Diogo Mendes
    Diogo Mendes Director of Technical Area at Bondalti
  • Diogo Torcato
    Diogo Torcato Head of Special Projects and Innovation
  • Eduardo Ramos
    Eduardo Ramos Executive Director at Brisa
  • Francisco Gonçalves Pereira
    Francisco Gonçalves Pereira Executive Board Member at CUF
  • Francisco Gorjão
    Francisco Gorjão Tejo Cluster Administrator
  • Inácio Almeida e Brito
    Inácio Almeida e Brito Executive Director at CUF
  • João Azevedo Coutinho
    João Azevedo Coutinho Executive Board Member at José de Mello
  • João Leal
    João Leal Data Analytics & Value Based Healthcare at CUF
  • Jorge Maia Gomes
    Jorge Maia Gomes Expansion Projects Diretor at CUF
  • José Maria Lima
    José Maria Lima General Manager at BAS
  • Lara Moura
    Lara Moura Innovation Director at Via Verde
  • Micaela Pires Cabral
    Micaela Pires Cabral Executive Board Member
  • Miguel Grade
    Miguel Grade Marketing Intelligence Manager at CUF
  • Miguel Pacheco
    Miguel Pacheco Head of Finance at José de Mello
  • Pedro Pais
    Pedro Pais Director for Water Treatment Business Unit at Bondalti
  • Pedro Pereira Gonçalves
    Pedro Pereira Gonçalves CEO at Ravasqueira
  • Pedro Rocha e Melo
    Pedro Rocha e Melo Executive Board Member at José de Mello
  • Ricardo Rodrigues
    Ricardo Rodrigues Business Development Director at Controlauto
  • Ricardo Tavares
    Ricardo Tavares Compensation and HR Business Intelligence Manager at CUF
  • Rui Diniz
    Rui Diniz CEO at CUF
  • Teresa Marques
    Teresa Marques Director of Corporate Center and Expansion at JMRS
  • Vasco Luís de Mello
    Vasco Luís de Mello General Manager at José de Mello
  • Zaida Dias
    Zaida Dias Digital Customer Experience Manager at CUF

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