Do I have to offer a solution that fits all the companies of José de Mello Group?

No, your solution may just fit one of the companies. However, if your solution is applicable to more than one company, you can present it to all

Do I have to offer a technology based solution?

No, we are available to support all types of solutions, as long as they are related to one of our sectors

Does it have to be a developed product or can it still be a prototype?

We are open to work with products/services at any stage, from an idea to a market-ready product

Is there a timeline for the application?

No, we are always open to receiving new applications

How is the startup's selection process?

The Grow team is fully available to meet all startups interested in learning more about this initiative.
Once we get to know the team and the solution, we will present the startup to our operational teams, that will analyse the relevance of the solution for their area, and from here, we will jointly start to assemble the pilot or other type of partnership

What does Grow gain from mentoring and testing solutions with startups?

Grow enables José de Mello Group companies to improve customers’ experience and continue to build sustainable businesses

I have additional questions. Where should I send them?

Please send them to grow@josedemello.pt

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