Since 2017 we have implemented more than 25 pilots with startups across different sectors and technology fields. Today we are recognizing the success of our partnership with Biosurfit with whom we have been collaborating for the past 2 years. Together we developed a pilot where our pediatric emergency care unit at CUF Almada was able to use Biosurfit’s SPINIT technology for blood collection and analysis.

Overall, the doctors were happy to have access to fast and accurate information, the nurses had a smoother and easy procedure, the children had a less invasive and less painful blood collection process, the parents were happier with the overall experience and speed of service, and the hospital was able to improve its service. And according to Biosurfit:

it has been great to work together with CUF in the past 2 years. The support of the team and the engagement of the group towards innovation has been key for the success of this partnership. Trough their innovation program we have been able to demonstrate the value of our solution while implementing a pilot project and having access to key stakeholders in the organization. Grow allowed us to discuss and brainstorm with José de Mello group of mentors about the present and the future of our company, having highly valuable input on opportunities to explore, features to create and paths to follow. We hope to continue this partnership, leveraging on the existing open communication channels and continue our common path of innovation and disruption in the market.”

We are excited to share that this partnership is now being expanded to the outpatient department and other clinics so that more doctors and more patients can benefit from Biosurfit’s solution.

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